The Journal of choirgirl14.
So its like 1:19 in the morning. Night before my epic camping trip and I should be in bed catching up on some sleep, seeing as I'm willing to bet I wont be getting much rest this weekend. Think about it...6 teenage friends camping. That does not equal a weekend of proper sleep amounts. So anyway, I should be sleeping. Just as Im getting ready to sign of myspace and head for bed, I hear this terrible pounding noise. Then again. And again followed by yelling. So I mute my music, and like any curious teenager in my situation would do, I turn the light off, creep over to the open window, part the blinds, and wait for what I assume to be some drunk friend of a neighbor yell and holler again. Thinking that this could be a good show...I watched.

It wouldn't take Nacy Drew to figure this one out though. After I heard,"Sheriff's office, open up!" I quickly realized that the situation was not as harmless as I assumed it to be. At this point I started to get a bit nervous. I hear a second voice, the owner of the house. He asks,"Are you kidding me? Is this a joke? Its 1 in the morning!

Now this is where I start to think that things may go from bad to worse....
"Open the door, or we'll kick it in. We've got five officers out here, open the door!"

....he opened the door.

Silence for about five minutes.

Then footsteps, I spring back up from my bed to the window, and see two black figures walk down the street....they stop for a moment, one goes to the left, and one goes to the right. Soon after I see their cop car leave. Thinking its all over, I go back to the bed and ponder just how weird that really was. Then more footsteps, three more black figures, another cop car. And now...all is silent again.

So much for catching up on sleep. At least now I'll have a good story to tell while we're camping. Thank you Milwaukie Sheriff's Office.
Camping!!! 06-26-07 23:29
So this weekend the greatest group of people and myself are all going camping! I love summertime camping. I don't care who you are, there is nothing in the world like fresh air and a clear sky full of millions of stars.

We will be leaving on Friday afternoon. Amy, Jason, Sam, and I in my car. Kati and Casey in Casey's car. Meaning that all of Thursday must be spent getting ready for this epic adventure that is...our camping trip. If you couldn't tell I am a tad excited.

On one hand, Im going camping....and if there is one thing I love, its the oudoors! On the other hand I couldn't ask for a better group of friends to be going with. They are all so amazing, and entertaining as hell.

Friday we're staying at a camp sight ( I know right...roughin it? lol) Then we're going up the road to my dad's house and staying the night there. I'm really excited that my dad is going to get to meet ll the important people in my life as well, I've been dying for him to meet my best friend Kati, she's a kick....and also for dad to meet him :)

Well I'll let everyone know how camping went after I get. Should be say the least!
The weekend 06-25-07 21:02
Went up to my dad's this weekend, about an hour and a half drive. Had the best friend come with me, which was fun as always. I love spending time with her, we always end up staying up late talking about the most random, yet meaningful things. Anyways we were both real tired on the way home, so we didn't do much talking...just kinda jammed to some music. It gave me a chance to think about stuff though. Nothing to earth shattering...but stuff that had been in the back of my mind for a while. I feel like I've been so self absorbed with the whole guy situation lately, that I've sort of lost track of some things that take a great priority, my realationship with christ. I was just thinking how in my life I've followed a very predictable pattern with my personal growth as a Christan. I will become so passionate and dedicated to learning and growing, and I get on this religous high....and then it sort of takes a back seat to whatever is happening in my life at the time. Weather it be school, choir, leadership class, friends, and yes even just happens. None of those things are bad, as a matter a fact they shape the kind of person I am, they help bring me along to growing up. I am not a bad Christan, I just need help sometimes, everyone does. I just need help learning how to stay steady in my relationship. In youth group lately we've been talking about prayer, and the power of prayer. In the recent weeks, I've seen just how powerful it really can be. If you just belive in who you are praying to, it works, he listens. I've prayed for eveything from good weather, safe car trips, to family problems, and the prevention of broken hearts. It works, it helps to. You can't really have any kind of relationship if you don't communicate. Prayer is a person's communication with God, and trust me, he answers back.
Bored 06-21-07 20:39
For the first time this summer, I'm bored. I'm not exactly sure if this is a good or a bad thing. Being bored sucks, cause utimately it just means that everyone else you know is off doing something fun and exciting without you. Then again think about how busy the world we live in is today. Is being bored every once in a while such a bad thing? You can take time to rest, catch up on sleep, read, creep on myspace, blog, or my personal favorite...take time to think. So today instead of waking up, getting ready, then leaving and being gone until the early hours of the morning, or the next day, I woke up and realxed. I cleaned around the house a little, did some laundry, blasted music, took care of some school stuff (just b/c school is out dosen't mean the class officers arn't getting ready for next year), and called a few friends. Ended up making plans for later. I'm leaving tomorrow for my dad's, prolly going to be gone for about 4 or 5 days, so I couldn't very well just not make ANY plans at all. But still it just makes you think. Next time you're sitting at home bored out of your mind, think about how blessed you are in that very moment to be able to take a deep breath and relax.
About The Boy 06-21-07 12:31
So yesteday I talked about how I was so scared that this wonderful thing I have with this wonderful guy would somehow get ruined. So not even 4 hours later I get the scare of my life (okay not my life, but you get the idea) I get the, "There's something I need to talk to you about," line. I hate that, gets me everytime. So Im on my way to go talk, praying to God my heart doesn't get broken. I get there sit down, my heart is beating so hard I think it might jump out of my chest. Then we start talking and I quickly realize that the way the conversation is leading, is not in the direction of hearache and a ruined summer. So good news, my heart wasn't broken. ...and I hit him for scaring the crap out of me!
What a day! 06-20-07 16:05
So I wake up this morning, and Im thinking about the events of the night beofre. All the sudden it hits me, I was really sitting at the river, with stars in the sky, curled up in his arms all night! How could something as wonderful as that, as him, happen to someone like me? I mean Its not like Im a bad person or anything, its just....he...he's so...amazing! It just somehow doesn't all fit together for me. Which can sometime be annoying...considering this wonderful thing is happening and all I can think is that something is bound to go wrong. I don't know call me crazy, but when you have my luck with guys....guys like that usually dont fall for me, and all goes well. I guess we'll see though. Anyways moral of the story, When Im with him....its amazing!